Children & Youth Programs

Summer Camps at Cathedral Ridge

Youth EventsOur camp programs encourage youth and young adults to build self-confidence by practicing their faith as they serve others and take on physical and leadership challenges. The result is a deeply authentic experience of spiritual life grounded in communities of faith to address real life.

Each and every program is founded on three principles:

  • Grounding our youth and young adults in Christian Faith
  • Developing practical leadership skills through adventure and challenge outdoors
  • Challenging every person who enters our gates to become heart- and faith-based leaders innovating positive change

We work through a love of the outdoors, through the physical and emotional inspiration of adventure and challenge courses, and through simple table fellowship under the aspen trees. All of our programs are led by trained lay and clergy leaders who model servant leadership and hospitality.

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Quest Youth Retreats

Quest youth retreats help our young people grow deeper in their relationship with God. Quest incorporates general sessions led by entertaining and powerful speakers, interactive small group time, an engaging band, and plenty of community-building activities to help foster spiritual growth throughout the weekend and beyond. No two Quest events are the same. Youth are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and dive into each theme in hope that the weekend will help them grow individually in their faith and corporately as a member within the Church.

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Journey Youth Leadership Course

What does leadership look like? Does being a disciple of Jesus change the way we lead? Formerly known as the Colorado Youth Leadership Initiative, Journey is the new youth leadership course for The Episcopal Church in Colorado.

We recognize that youth and their families are unique, and leadership and service is not “one size fits all.” This three-tiered, self-selective course is a more flexible and more accessible journey for those wanting to develop leadership skills, put those skills to practical use in service to others, and discover more about themselves as they start across the bridge to adulthood. The Journey course can be completed in as little as two years or can be drawn out to span several years as students take their time to learn and participate in several projects in Tier Two. Journey is led by dynamic adults from around the state and is designed to adjust and best fit each participant’s gifts and interests in leadership as well as each individual’s timeline.

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Young Episcopalians in Service (YES!) Colorado Service Trips

Jesus taught us that when we clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and tend the sick, we are serving Christ Himself.  Caring for others in loving service is a vital component of Christian practice.  Serving others through the support of Christian community is especially important for youth.  During adolescence and the years leading up to it, young people are exploring who they really are in the context of peer relationships. We believe that each person is created in God’s image, unique in their own way.  For youth to discover who God intended them to be, in Christian peer community, is life changing.  Discovering who they are while serving others is even more so.  Summer youth trips through Young Episcopalians in Service seek to follow Christ’s command to love our neighbors and transform our youth through that loving service.

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