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Online Resources

Looking for ideas and resources for children’s ministry? Check out the Building Faith website sponsored by the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary.

Check out the following article, Ages and Stages: Teaching Children at Each Level, about understanding the development of children and what to expect at each age.

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Godly Play and Living the Good News are two curricula widely used in The Episcopal Church in Colorado. To discuss what might be appropriate for your children’s ministry, please contact the faith formation team at 303.837.1173 or

There are a number of other curricula available. The Building Faith website provides good descriptions, including a Top Picks Curricula Overview, that can be used to find the right curriculum for your parish.

If you would like us to include information about other curricula, or perhaps your parish has created its own, please let us know! We would love to feature it. Contact us >

Other Resources for Children’s Ministry

Quick Children’s Sermons

These 15-minute (or so) lessons can be used by themselves (maybe as an introduction to a family activity or event) or built into a longer faith formation session. Questions are presented creatively and responses are biblically based and interactive. Read more >

The Sunday Paper, Gretchen Wolff Pritchard

Gretchen Wolff Pritchard’s family-run business, The Sunday Paper, offers weekly lessons, booklets for Baptism and the Holy Eucharist, Christmas pageant scripts, playsets, and puzzles. In her original promotion of the family-run business, Gretchen Wolff Pritchard said, “The Sunday Paper is informal, whimsical, faithful to Scripture, and in dead earnest.  It is not condescending or cute.  It helps children to acquire a vocabulary of crucial Scriptural images, and to relate the Gospel to the Old Testament, the life of the Church, and their own lives.”

The well-known Sunday Paper publication presents one lesson (usually the Gospel) as a two-line cartoon, with the other lectionary readings and psalm presented as single vignettes. A short commentary ties the lessons together. It appeals to children grade 5 and above and may be used as a handout or basis for weekly lessons. Check out a sample page >

The newer Sunday Paper Junior offers big, bold artwork, a simple story line, and an activity page designed to stir children’s imaginations and spirituality. Only pencil or crayons are required and it does not involve word games or other literacy-based activities. It can be used in church, nursery, or classroom. Check out a sample page >

For more information, visit the Sunday Paper website.

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