The Episcopal Church in Colorado is a diverse community made up of 103 worshiping communities centered on a common faith, with approximately 30,000 members of all ages and backgrounds. However you got here, wherever you are in your faith journey, we hope you find ways to connect  and deepen your faith.


Cathedral Ridge is a bold venture in ministry by The Episcopal Church in Colorado, representing an innovative vision and long-term commitment to invest in the heart of the next generation. Discover a place where you will experience hospitality,   transformation, and deepened connections to God and to each other.


There are five Regions in The Episcopal Church in Colorado  that encourage and promote partnerships in local mission initiatives; facilitate the participation of clergy and lay leadership at  Diocesan and General Conventions; and strengthen communication between the  Regions and the Office of the Bishop.


Upcoming Events


Godly Play Core Training

Register early! This training class is being sponsored by The Episcopal Church in Colorado, with a reduced rate of just $200. The most comprehensive training on Godly Play practices and theology, Core Training is …

EfM Mentor Training

Education for Ministry Spring Mentor Training has been set for Sunday, May 7, through Tuesday, May 9, at Cathedral Ridge in Woodland Park, CO. Two trainings are being offered at this event: "Foundations of Seminar Life" (formerly Basic/In-service) for new mentors, experienced mentors needing to meet their refresher requirement, and those who would like …

The Hiddenness of the Kingdom

By Bishop Robert O’Neill

The spiritual journey is nothing if it is not a continual process of discovering the deepest reality of our lives.

Salvation, Jesus says, is not actually a matter of “getting into heaven”—a reward for a life of good behavior. It is instead something “at hand”—a divine and dynamic relationship with all that is divinely created and divinely connected already—here and now.

Think about it.

This kingdom—this way of being in relationship, of seeing and experiencing and responding to all of life—Jesus says is “at hand.” It is not “out there” or “over the far horizon.” It is, according to Jesus, a present, immediate, accessible realm in which absolute love reigns absolutely. This kingdom is limitless. It has no boundaries, and consequently, in this divine kingdom, there is no “in” or “out” just One who is Life—the One Love, as Paul would put it, who is “above all, and in all, and through all.”

Our life’s work—indeed the whole purpose of our spiritual practice and discipline—is both to uncover this gift that is hidden in the heart of life and, at the same time, to refuse steadfastly to lose sight of this reality even in the face of the overwhelming suffering and violence of our world. This is our work and our witness.