The Episcopal Church in Colorado is a diverse community made up of 103 worshiping communities centered on a common faith, with approximately 30,000 members of all ages and backgrounds. However you got here, wherever you are in your faith journey, we hope you find ways to connect  and deepen your faith.


Each year, representatives from around our diocese gather for worship, workshops, and community as well as to review and discuss issues, policies, and structures. This year, the 129th Annual Convention, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel DIA, will convene on October 6 and adjourn on October 8.


There are five Regions in The Episcopal Church in Colorado  that encourage and promote partnerships in local mission initiatives; facilitate the participation of clergy and lay leadership at  Diocesan and General Conventions; and strengthen communication between the  Regions and the Office of the Bishop.


Upcoming Events


129th Annual Convention

129th Annual Convention of The Episcopal Church in Colorado Registration is now online and will conclude on Monday, August 15. We have shortened the required time to designate delegates to 45 days, and combined it with registration. This simplifies the process into a single step. The registration fee is $175 for clergy delegates, lay delegates …

49 Bells Project

Church bells across Colorado are being rung 49 times on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm, one toll in remembrance of each person killed in the Orlando shootings on June 12. As we toll the bells, we will hold in prayer not only those killed in Orlando, but those killed, injured, and bereaved in San Bernardino, Aurora, Newtown, Dallas, Baghdad, Nice, Munich, and countless other communities.