Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

The Episcopal Church in Colorado continues to develop our capacity for resilience across our congregations and ministries. Through developing resilience & preparedness plans, through building a network of trained regional leaders, and through networking and information sharing via the Episcopal Asset Map, we continue to improve our ability to respond to disasters of all kinds, with the aim of providing a safe and resilient environment for our people and those we serve.

Mission 2022: Disaster Preparedness for Every Church and Mission

Epidemic Preparedness

An epidemic is a large-scale outbreak of an infectious disease, such as influenza or coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Episcopal Relief and Development reminds us that during any medical emergency our role as churches, dioceses, and compassionate Christians, is to:

  • Combat fear with knowledge in order to encourage preparedness and decrease stigma.
  • Maintain operational continuity and continue worship life in the case of potential quarantine and disruption.
  • Show God’s compassion and care to those in our communities who are affected.
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Disaster Awareness Online Course

What are disasters and what are our roles, as congregations and ministries of The Episcopal Church in Colorado, in responding to them? Learn how you as church leader can be empowered, using your unique skill set, to help your community during a time of crisis or disaster.

Take a self-paced online course with four video modules and explore how you can be prepared to respond to a disaster in your community. The course explores:

  • The connection between ministry and disasters
  • The lifecycle of a disaster
  • Church safety and risk reduction basics
  • Matching congregational gifts with the needs of the community
  • Post-disaster pastoral care

To enroll, please follow the link below. You’ll be required to create an account, but it is very easy and takes you directly to the course modules. If you have trouble signing up, please contact The Rev. Canon Carl Andrews, the Disaster Director for The Episcopal Church in Colorado, at Carl@EpiscopalColorado.org.

Disaster Awareness Online Course
Developing a Resource Plan
Disaster Resources
Colorado Asset Map
Disaster Recovery