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Developing a Resource Plan

The Diocese continues to develop our capacity for resilience through helping every congregation in the Diocese develop a Resilience & Preparedness Plan appropriate for their congregation and ministries to provide a safe and resilient environment for our people and those we serve.

What does a Resilience Plan look like?

The plan might address:

  • How to deal with issues concerning your church building and physical plant
  • How to protect, backup and archive vital records
  • How to care for and reach out to the members of your congregation
  • How to identify opportunities and prepare to assist in meeting larger community needs

Specific Resources for Developing a Resilience Plan

Disaster Resources

If you or your congregation are looking for additional information on disaster preparedness, planning, response or other related matters, please contact the following people first:

Please note that the Wardens for the Southwest and Northwestern Regions has not yet been appointed. They will be listed here as soon as possible, In the meantime, please contact The Reverend Carl Andrews, Carl@EpiscopalColorado.org.

The Colorado Asset Map

The Asset Map is a project of Episcopal Relief & Development designed to present all the churches, school and institutions of The Episcopal Church nationally. Part of engaging in the Year of Resilience is completing your congregation’s profile. It’s quick and easy to do. See the Colorado Asset Map here

The Map began as a tool for disaster work and has grown into much more than that. It can now be used to connect congregations to other people doing similar work (networking), to foster development of new ministry (information sharing), and a range of other things: diocesan database management (important), exploring Episcopal churches in a new city (church shopping), finding Episcopal Service Corps programs or campus ministries, etc.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and preparedness work in the aftermath of the severe floods of September 2013 was supported and assisted by Episcopal Relief and Development, We are very grateful for their assistance.

The Episcopal Church in Colorado strongly recommends that all our congregations, missions and programs develop their own disaster preparedness plans. There is always a “next time,” and as we have learned, it can happen here.

Watch the video about our efforts in flood recovery in Colorado.


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