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//Reporting to the Diocese
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Parochial reports are a critical element in helping us form an understanding of the state of the church. They are also a Canonical requirement. By having clear and accurate data, we will be in a better position to listen to the Holy Spirit as we lead and respond to the challenges in our congregations and ministries, The Episcopal Church in Colorado, and The Episcopal Church at large.

The 2017 Parochial Report and Diocesan & Regional Pledge Forms for 2018 were sent out by mail in early January 2018.

  1. The 2017 Parochial Report can be filled out online at
    To fill out this form, you will need your Universal Episcopal Identifier (UEID) and Personal Information Number (PIN). These numbers are printed on the card that was sent by mail on January 5, 2018. Once filled out, you must print the form, sign it, and return this hard copy to the Office of the Bishop by February 15. Again, don’t forget to sign this hard copy!

    Included in this packet will be a general instruction sheet pertaining to the 2017 Parochial Report. Workbooks to help in filing the report are available online here and here.

  2. The Diocesan and Regional Pledge Form for 2018 is due back to the Office of the Bishop by February 15, 2018. The form can be downloaded here.

Thank you for completing both the 2017 Parochial Report and the Diocesan and Regional Pledge Form for 2018. *In the past, a supplement form was also included. This form is no longer necessary, so you haven’t missed anything!

Complete Audit and Financials – Due Sept. 1 – send to Pam Greenfield at

Audit Guidelines

Alternative Audit Requirements


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