Finance & Administration Resources

Compensation and Benefits

Clergy Compensation Guidelines for 2018

Supporting Glossary, Colorado Clergy Compensation Standards for 2018

Sample resolution and letter for Housing Allowance

Retirement Planning

For information about clergy pensions and lay retirement plans, visit the Church Pension Group’s web site at

Health & Dental Insurance

Health and Dental Benefits Plan Policy

Health Insurance Plan Options

Anthem CDHP20 HSA Summary 2017

Anthem 9070 PPO Summary 2017

Anthem 7550 PPO Summary 2017

Kaiser CDHP20 HSA 2017

Kaiser EPO80 Summary 2017

Kaiser High EPO Summary 2017

Dental Basic 2017 Summary

Dental Ortho 2017 Summary


Church Management and Oversight

Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs

“Lessons from a Rookie Treasurer” – From ECF Vital Practices / Finance & Administrations

Insurance Requirements
Property & Casualty Insurance – Risk Management
For more information about Property and Casualty Insurance, visit the the Property and Casualty page of the Church Pension Group website.

For audit guidelines and reporting requirements, please see Reporting to the Diocese.

Parish Bylaws Template:  PDFWord

Articles of Incorporation Template

Guidelines for Mission Leadership

General Policies Regarding Clergy Sabbaticals – From the Commission on Ministry


IRS Information and Links

The Tax Exempt Certificate  for The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado

Many of the IRS Forms you will need for your church are available on the IRS web site.


Trusts and Endowments

Diocesan Trusts and Endowments offer grants in many areas, from covering health care expenses, to funding specific kinds of ministry, to clergy assistance for auto purchases. Learn more and apply for grants


Church Property Decisions

Major decisions related to church property (including leases, cell phone tower leases, sale, and property secured loans) must be approved by the diocesan Standing Committee. If you have questions about this process or are considering something that will require approval, contact Scott Asper and the Property Advisory Committee,

Application to Alienate Church Property

Application to Encumber Church Property