Congregational Development

Spring Leadership Workshops 2018

The Office of Congregational Development offers workshops and development opportunities designed to appeal to a wide range of congregations and their needs. In addition to curation of online resources, we host Spring Leadership Workshops for Vestries and Bishop’s Committees to allow them to understand their responsibilities and offer the chance to work with experienced Diocesan leaders to provide some hands-on practice.

Vestry 101

“What is vestry service? What is it not?”

Through this workshop, you will leave with an understanding of:

  • Why this work matters
  • Expectations and canonical requirements
  • General principles of leadership
  • Concrete responsibilities
  • Ways to structure meetings
  • Group development and how to handle disagreement

Workshops will be facilitated by a team of experienced congregational leaders and will incorporate small group breakouts focusing on leadership differences across the diocese. Cost: $20.

Below are some useful resources for all congregations – particularly for new vestry or bishop’s committee members, and for congregations about to undergo leadership transitions.

Leadership Resources

Becoming Renewing Leaders
Stewardship of Leadership
Adaptive Leadership
An Overview of Corporate Relationships in the Episcopal Church for Church Leaders
Tips for Leadership Discernment