Congregational Development

The Bishop’s Office supports churches and congregations as they plan for growth and actively seek out new members. Ann Fleming works with congregations  in the midst of leadership transitions,  conducts the Church Development Institute, an intensive leadership training program for lay and clergy leadership, and conducts other workshops and conferences to equip and encourage healthy leadership around the diocese.

Below are some useful resources for all congregations – particularly for new vestry or bishop’s committee members, and for congregations about to undergo leadership transitions.

Leadership Resources

Becoming Renewing Leaders

Stewardship of Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

An Overview of Corporate Relationships in the Episcopal Church for Church Leaders

Tips for Leadership Discernment


About Search Process

Search Process Overview

Rector Transitions Options

Journey Through Change


Interviewing Candidates

Mission Search

Discernment Tips

Putting Together a Parish Profile

Community Portfolio Worksheet


Priest in Charge

Priest In Charge Powerpoint

Priest in Charge Declaration

Priest in Charge Brochure