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About Us

We’re an open and inclusive community, attempting to seek and serve Christ in all persons, to strive for justice and peace among all people, and to respect the dignity of every human being. Our guests are some of Denver’s homeless, the marginalized, those in poverty or the poor needing meals, clothing, spiritual community, and other support that our ministry provides.

Our mission is to offer short-term respite from the harsh realities of homelessness and poverty by offering a hot, homemade meal, clothing, spiritual support and a caring community to those in need.

We’re here every Tuesday, practicing radical generosity in Denver’s Baker neighborhood, in our host church, The Episcopal Church of St. Peter & St. Mary, 126 West 2nd Avenue, Denver.

Emergency Closing

St. Clare’s Ministry has adopted a policy regarding closure due to inclement weather; when the Denver City Government closes, St. Clare’s will not serve a sit-down meal that same day. If St. Clare’s should close, the coordinators for the scheduled churches will be notified in a timely fashion, and they, in turn, will notify their volunteers.

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