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Region Pledges at Work in 2017

32nd Avenue Jubilee Center, Denver
The 32nd Avenue Jubilee Center in Northwest (NW) Denver requested funding this year for their Summer Educational Enrichment Kamp (SEEK). This program assists disadvantaged and at-risk elementary and middle school students, the majority of which are Spanish-speaking youth in the NW Denver neighborhood. In 2016, the SEEK program served 54 students and a similar level of interest is expected for 2017 summer program. The program is staffed by at part time supervisor, college undergraduate and graduate interns and volunteers who serve as teacher’s aides and mentors.

Brigit’s Village, sponsored by St. Brigit’s Episcopal Church, Frederick
Brigit’s Village, a Diocesan Institution sponsored by St. Brigit’s Episcopal Church in Frederick, requested a grant to support final studies and architectural expense required for an application for tax credit funding for the building of 50 units of moderate-rent senior housing adjacent to the property of St. Brigit’s Episcopal Church. One of the main goals for Brigit’s Village is to fill the need for diverse, below market cost senior housing in the community. The project is being documented so that it can be used as a model for the other congregations interested in undertaking similar developments.

Christ the King Episcopal Church, Arvada
Christ the King requested a grant to help fund a weekend training for catechumenate process known as “The Way,” first developed at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle. The catechumenate process takes place in four stages throughout the year: Invitation, Exploration, Reaffirmation and Sending. The process is intended to assist both new and existing members of a congregation to become more faithful in following the life that Jesus showed to his disciples.

Colorado School of Mines (CSM) Campus Ministry at Calvary Episcopal Church, Golden
CSM Campus Ministry continues to grow, both in spirit and in number. Support from the Region helps grow Lunch “N” Life, which is a weekly outreach lunch, and a Monday Night College & Young Adult Group that provides an avenue for going deeper into faith. More students than ever are plugging into Calvary by participating in Calvary church services, Young Adult Group and other Calvary ministries. Funding received helps provide food for weekly lunches throughout the school year.

Calvary Episcopal Church, Golden
A new grassroots ministry, Joyful Noise Music Ministry, applied for funding to help provide audio equipment and personalized recorded music to local seniors living in nursing homes or shut-ins at home. The mission of the ministry is to extend Christian fellowship and the gift of personalized recorded music to local seniors who may have become isolated from the greater community by aging and health issues. The ministry is expansive and non-denominational, serving seniors with the Parish and the greater community.

The Episcopal Church in Colorado – Latino Ministries
The Episcopal Church in Colorado applied for funding to help  set up a Latino Missioner in the Front Range Region. The Latino Missioner will become a full-time position working on Latino Mission Development in the Region and within the State of Colorado. Fr. Cesar Hernandez-Gutierrez has been serving Our Merciful Savior Episcopal Church in Northwest Denver and St. George Episcopal Church in Leadville, Colorado. He will continue with these ministries and work on developing additional Latino missions.

Harvey Frank Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Front Range Region is pleased to be able to provide scholarship funding for children and youth to attend camp at Cathedral Ridge via the Harvey Frank Memorial Scholarship Fund that was created in 2015. The Region has provided $5,000 that is available as matching funds to be given for scholarships when and where there is a need. Children and youth can apply for the scholarship funding through their church clergy and the application to attend a camp at Cathedral Ridge through the Diocese of Colorado.

Our Merciful Savior Episcopal Church, Denver
Funds are provided to help Our Merciful Savior to increase the visibility and presence of the church in Northwest Denver. To help people in the congregation to identify their ministries and to grow in their abilities to exercise them. To maintain the security of their buildings and improve their administrative capabilities. Our Merciful Savior is the home for the Latino Ministry in NW Denver and a small Anglo congregation in a changing neighborhood.

St. Aiden’s Episcopal Church, Boulder
Funds are provided to help St. Aiden’s Episcopal Church fund the production of two Wakefield Medieval Cycle plays “Creation” and “The Second Shepherd’s Paly” in conjunction with the University of Colorado Department of Theatre and Dance, Shakespeare Festival and CU English Department. The plays are to be performed during the summer of 2017. The students of the Bread and Belonging Campus Ministry of St. Aidan’s will be in leading positions in the production of the plays.

St. Benedict Health and Hearing Ministry, Boulder County
SBHHM welcomes all people who come to the six Free Clinics in Boulder County. However, the focused population is the medically underserved. Free Clinics are mobile in that SBHHM’s volunteering professionals go to where the people in need already gather such as meals for the homeless, day programs for the poor and homeless, thrift stores, food banks and community health events. Funding has been provided to assist in running these clinics expansion to these services.

Episcopal Parish of St. Gregory, Littleton
St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church applied for funds to convert their restrooms in their parish hall to be handicap compliant. This request is in keeping up with the aging community around the church and senior center activities. They also requested funds to help with their “Year of Wholeness” and a centering prayer workshop to tie the concept into St. Gregory’s mission.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Central City
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church received funding to expand their exposure in their mountain community through newspaper advertisement. flyers, banners and signage for their church. They also received funding to upgrade their church computer system, internet service and accounting system.

Church of the Transfiguration, Evergreen
Church of the Transfiguration received funding to expand its youth program through a part-time youth minister, Youth Encounter Spirit retreat and service mission trip, Diocesan Quest Youth retreats and other youth activities. The funding will help with supplies, fees, transportation and volunteer chaperones for youth activities.

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