All We Need – St. Andrews Episcopal Church

“We have all that we need.”
That is the mindset that pervades this parish: a theology of abundance out which much is shared. Those in Manitou Springs, both longtime residents and those just passing through, know this parish to be a place where they are welcome. At a central crossroads in the community, it is a place where people belong. Gifts are given and received, friendships are made, and meals are shared. All we need is given. And all we need is received.

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From the video:
“Jesus said to love God with everything you have and to love your neighbor as I have loved you.

It has become clear to me that a community filled with love and acceptance can transform people who have lost, because of circumstances in their lives, the belief that they are loved. I have seen people enter this community and they are transformed into people who feel loved and who can love. […]”