Fall Quest 2018

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Welcome to the Information Page for Fall Quest 2018!

Event Dates: October 5-7, 2018

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What is Quest?

Quest youth retreats help our young people, grades 6-12, grow deeper in their relationship with God. Quest incorporates general sessions led by entertaining and powerful speakers, interactive small group time, an engaging band, and plenty of community-building activities to help foster spiritual growth throughout the weekend and beyond. No two Quest events are the same. Youth are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and dive into each theme in hope that the weekend will help them grow individually in their faith and corporately as a member within the Church.

This Fall’s Theme–Still, Small Voice

Where do we find God’s voice, and what does it sound like? Does it come to us in a howling wind, in an earth-shaking moment, or in sparks and flames? How can we hear it if we’re caught up in worry, fear, doubt, confusion, busyness, and pressure from peers and school? This fall is all about listening for God’s voice: when to listen, how to listen, how to know we’ve heard, and what to do next. We will discover ways that can help us get to that place of calm, inspiration, and knowing God’s holy energy and guidance.
Join us for another amazing retreat weekend filled with music, outdoor fun, awesome food, worship, and friendship—created for youth by youth.

Event Location

Quest youth retreats are held at Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista.

How to Get Ready

Even before registration opens,  there are things you can do to prepare  for Quest.

  • Put the dates for Spring Quest on your church and youth group calendars. Communicate the dates to parents.
  • If your church has never attended a Quest event and you want more information, give us a call or send us an email:  303.837.1173 or Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org.
  • Talk to your youth about Spring Quest. Encourage  new youth and those who haven’t attended to  check it out.
  • Begin recruiting adult sponsors and work crew volunteers. Adult sponsors must hold current certification in Safeguarding God’s Children, so now’s the time to get certified or renew certification.

How Many Adult Sponsors Do We Need?

The adult to teen Ratio is 1:6. We require that for every 1-6 teens your church sends, you must supply an adult sponsor (21 years or older) of the same gender. For example, if you have 4 boys and 9 girls, you will need 1 male and 2 female leaders. If you have 2 boys and 3 girls, you will need 1 male and 1 female leader. We require this ratio for two reasons. (1) It is the responsibility of your church to nurture your teens in their faith and follow up with them after the weekend. This ratio allows you to minister to your kids using the weekend as a tool to disciple them in their faith. (2) It allows us to have an adequate amount of supervision and ensure safety.

What about Work Crew?

These are the servants behind the ministry. Without them the weekend could not be successful! Frontier Ranch requires that we have enough volunteers to run work crew properly. Work crew members are primarily responsible for setting up, serving, and cleaning up after meals. Work Crew members must be 18 years or older and have graduated from high school. To ensure that we have enough work crew, each church must provide one work crew for every 1-10 participants. Work crew can be borrowed from other churches. While work crew members don’t get to participate in the sessions, they are a HUGE part of the weekend.


This spring we welcome back the Full Armor Band from New York. We are so excited to have them spend the weekend with us again. Check out their sound here!


We will be placing our shirt order on September 21. Participants wishing to receive a t-shirt must register by September 20.


The cost for youth and adult sponsors is $165. The price will increase after September 7 to $180. Work Crew members are free. Credit card payments (preferred method) can be made online. Please mail check payments to:

The Episcopal Church in Colorado
Attn: Quest
1300 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203

If anyone in your group is in need of scholarship help, please complete an Assistance Application 2018. Return it to Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org.

Please keep in mind there is a $55.00 cancellation fee.


Register soon! Registration is online only.* For assistance with registration, contact the Office of Faith Formation at 303.837.1173 or Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org.

*Families without access to a computer and/or Internet should complete a Paper Registration, which you, as their youth leader or rector, can then use to register them online on their behalf.

Rector Consent Form

Youth leaders must complete the Quest Rector Consent  and have it signed by the church’s priest. Please email the form to Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org prior to the start of the event.

Dietary Needs?

Participants requiring special meals must fill out Frontier Ranch’s Special Diet Request Form.

Frontier Ranch Release Form

The Frontier Ranch Release Form has gone online! Each participant, including work crew, must complete a release.

Packing List and Rules

Before heading to Quest, participants should take a moment to read through the Packing List and Rules.


Individual youth programs are responsible for communicating with their members regarding expectations for their group. The Episcopal Church in Colorado expects these covenants to be honored at its youth events, and therefore does not require a separate covenant for the Quest event.

Additional Questions?

Please contact us at 303.837.1173 or Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org.

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