Welcome to Journey!

What does leadership look like? Does being a disciple of Jesus change the way we lead? Formerly known as the Colorado Youth Leadership Initiative, Journey is the new youth leadership course for The Episcopal Church in Colorado.

We recognize that youth and their families are unique, and leadership and service is not “one size fits all.” This three-tiered, self-selective course is a more flexible and more accessible journey for those wanting to develop leadership skills, put those skills to practical use in service to others, and discover more about themselves as they start across the bridge to adulthood. The Journey course can be completed in as little as two years or can be drawn out to span several years as students take their time to learn and participate in several projects in Tier Two. Journey is led by dynamic adults from around the state and is designed to adjust and best fit each participant’s gifts and interests in leadership as well as each individual’s timeline.

Tier One

The course begins with a week-long stay at Journey Camp at Cathedral Ridge where rising ninth-eleventh grade students will learn service, team building, and practical leadership skills. This is a fun and challenging week that culminates in a team leadership project.

Tier Two

Should students choose to continue to Tier Two, they will have the opportunity to choose where they practice their newly acquired skills. Youth can choose from the following opportunities:

  • Serving on the student-led Quest Design Team
  • Serving as a student leader on a Young Episcopalians in Service (YES) mission trip
  • Serving as a leadership intern at a Cathedral Ridge summer camp: Cathedral, Explore, or Cosmos Camp

Adult leaders in these three areas will give students an evaluation, either passing them on to the next and final tier or asking them to work on their skills in another round of service of their choice. Even if passed, students may choose (and are encouraged!) to participate in more than one service opportunity. Tier Two can be completed in anywhere from one to three years.

Tier Three

Once passed from Tier Two, students are eligible to participate in the final tier. Tier Three is a pilgrimage centered around self-discovery and discernment. This is a chance for students to take time away from day-to-day life to reflect on their personal gifts and to listen to God’s call for them. Tier Three begins with a dinner to bring students who have completed tiers one and two together. This is an opportunity to discuss things learned in the two previous tiers and bond as a pilgrimage team. Over the course of the following school year, students will meet online via Zoom conference calls and interact in a hybrid learning course to prepare them mentally, physically, and spiritually for their upcoming pilgrimage. The group, guided by adult mentors, will begin their discernment together and ponder questions such as: What does healthy leadership look like for me in the future? In what ways might service be part of my life? How can I take the skills I’ve learned and practice and utilize them as an adult? What difference can I make in the world? By the end of Journey, students will be well on their way to answering these questions and so many more.

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How Do I Apply?

Eligible students for tier one are those entering the ninth-eleventh grade.This age range offers multiple points of entry, allowing younger students to take their time in completing tiers one and two and older students to complete them in an expedited fashion.

It is our desire and intent that this program be financially accessible to any eligible candidate who wishes to participate. Participants are encouraged to earn money individually and do fundraising projects with the support of their congregations. Scholarship funds are also available from The Episcopal Church in Colorado.


  • Tier One: $600
  • Tier Two: $0-900, depending on service opportunity
  • Tier Three: $2,800

Simple Steps to Apply

Does this sound like a Journey you might be interested in? Take the following steps to apply!

  1. Tell your priest you’re interested in Journey and ask for a letter of support. This letter is a commitment by the priest to pray for you throughout Journey, provide support and encouragement as you move through the tiers, and recognize your accomplishments along the way. Letters should be emailed to the faith formation office: Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org
  2. Register for Tier One – Journey Camp at Cathedral Ridge.

Registration opens here on December 2.

This is an exciting opportunity for young people across Colorado, and we hope you will choose to participate!

God’s peace and blessing be with you. Faithfully,

The Faith Formation Team
Office of the Bishop
The Episcopal Church in Colorado