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Our Mission

The mission of the Race Task Force is to address and deconstruct the institutional and structural racism in the leadership bodies of the church and our broader society. Following Diocesan Convention in 2017, in response to feedback, we are in the process of adding additional dimensions to our mission.

Our Story

Formed following the Episcopal Church in Colorado’s Annual Convention in 2016, the Race Task Force first spent time sharing our stories, practicing  vulnerability to build a foundation of trust, modeling  a way of interacting that we believe should characterize this work. Working from that base of trust and vulnerability, we got to work researching the role race continues to play in  disparities of income, health, and quality of life in Colorado. A year after our formation, two of our members Chair of the Race Task Force Darren Armstrong and the Rev. Cn. Ruth Woodliff-Stanley shared their disparate stories of early childhood in Mississippi at Diocesan Convention after which they shared our findings on race in Colorado detailed in the next section. The Race Task Force has now begun organizing new members into three teams: leadership and vision, education, and research.

Our Findings

Presented at the Episcopal Church in Colorado’s Annual Convention in 2017, our findings demonstrate how race and racial inequality directly correlate in issues of education, income, employment, healthcare, and incarceration. These findings can be seen in the gallery below:

The Race Task Force will continue its work equipping faith communities to boldly and prophetically address racism in their neighborhoods, communities, and state.

Get Involved

Numerous individuals have expressed interest in joining our efforts. We welcome everyone who wants to join us. If you would like to learn more about the work of the Race Task Force or would like to become more involved in its work, contact  Anthony Suggs at advocacy@episcopalcolorado.org

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