Advocacy & Social Justice

Our Mission

To  empower congregations and ministries to be prophetic witness of the kingdom of God by living into Christ’s good news for the poor and oppressed through advocacy and social justice. 


Our Core Values

Advocacy: the attempt to address social sin and disfunction by addressing systemic problems at their source. It is the attempt to treat the disease rather than just the symptom. It is accomplished through policy change, community organizing, and restructuring of broken systems.

Social Justice:  the idea that  for societies to be truly just, all of their members must receive equal protection under the law and and equal ability to  pursue happiness, fulfillment, and freedom from fear.  The Church accomplishes this by advocating for fair treatment of all and by modeling a just society within its own institutions and ministries.

Dignity: as Episcopalians, we vow to uphold the dignity of every human being. Dignity is the idea that every human being is endowed with inherent value and that all people deserve to be respected, esteemed, and honored as icons of God.

Equity: the idea that not only do societies and communities need to be equal but must also give everyone what they need to lead happy and productive lives. It goes beyond equality allows all people, regardless of age, ability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, or creed to succeed.


What We Do

We partner with faith communities, ministries, and individuals ready and willing to use their faith to address systemic issues in our society through community organizing, advocacy, and informed action.

Engagement: this office will function as  a hub for public engagement, keeping clergy and lay members of the church involved in their local communities. Through organizations like Together Colorado  the Office of Advocacy and Social Justice works alongside other religious institutions to use our resources for the common good.

Consulting: we consult with faith communities, ministries, and individuals who desire to shift their focus towards advocacy and social justice. This may involve institutional and cultural changes that allow ministries to begin addressing systemic issues in their own work. This may involve connecting ministries focused on charity with those focused on advocacy so that both needs can be met. We exist as a resource for you; yes, you!

Support: our work will often take the form of supporting ministry that is already taking place. Our network of Jubilee Ministries will be supported and nurtured by the work of the Office of Advocacy and Social Justice.

Resources: we will  maintain a resources page including links to lectures, TED talks, articles, books, and other resources that will assist you and your communities in understanding various aspects of advocacy and social justice in our country and the world. Additionally, these resources will include handouts, syllabi, and fliers specifically designed by and for the Episcopal Church in Colorado.