Hi. For the past few years, as part of my daily prayer study and meditation practice, I have been meditating on quotes and sayings from the Brothers of Saint John the Evangelist. Every day, a quote comes to my email inbox, and I use it as part of my prayer and contemplation.

The great thing about Facebook is that every now and then something from the past pops up on my feed, some little gem that I found in the past, and today, a gem from Brother Curtis Almquist of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist popped up in my feed. And I was so moved by it. I was still so touched, as touched as I was three years ago when I first encountered it, that I wanted to share it with you today.

The title of the passage is called Follow. It says, “Jesus loves you. If you didn’t wake up this morning with that awareness, Jesus has news for you, good news. God loves you and has big plans for you that span all eternity. In the meantime, where will this good news lead you? Where will Jesus lead you? I wouldn’t know. His invitation to all of us is simply to follow.”

In these days you maybe find yourself a little weary. In these days you may like me be done with all of the strangeness, all of the oddness, all of the distance, but it’s become a part of our life since we’ve learned about the corona virus. And so today you might need the reminder that Jesus loves you. That when Jesus calls us to follow, to go to places that are uncertain in the world or in our own hearts, when Jesus calls us to difficult places in the world for His sake, it is not out of a sense of punishment or retribution. It is out of Jesus’s love for us. It is about Jesus leading us to abundance that we can’t even imagine, even if the path to get there is difficult.

For us, who would follow Jesus, it is so important to remind ourselves, to remind one another, that Jesus loves us. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves us. And when we abide in that love, we can endure whatever the world throws at us. When we abide in Jesus’ love, when we walk in His ways, we will know life. And we will know life abundantly. We don’t know, always, where Jesus is leading us, but if we trust in His love, if we trust that we will end up where we need to be, then we have all the courage we need to keep following.