Plant an Impactful Garden

Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches. ~ Matthew 13:32

It’s May and we’re past Mother’s Day, which means, hypothetically, that it’s okay to start planting your gardens. What you plant in your yard can have a huge impact on the Earth, the local fauna, and your pocket book. So, you may want to carefully consider what you plant. How much water will it require? Is it exotic and invasive? Does it provide food and/or shelter for other animals?

Those can be difficult questions to answer, but have no fear. There are great resources to help you out. From the National Wildlife Federation, you can find local vegetation to plant: There are some really great plants that will give your yard a lot of color and make more than just the squirrels happy. You can also get your yard certified Bird Habitat by the Audubon Society’s Backyard Habitat Program. You can find a lot of great resource there, including how to lay out your garden. Once you add a St. Francis statue, you’re totally good to go!

Happy Gardening!

Lover of all you have made: Protect and sustain the creatures of our local habitat. Increase their well-being, watch over them with love, and give us wisdom to honor our kinship with them;  through Jesus Christ, the first-born of all creation. Amen. ~ Book of Occasional Services – Prayers for Rogation Days, p. 99

Alena Lamirato serves Peace in Christ Episcopal and Lutheran Congregation in Elizabeth, Colorado. She has a great love for animals and the environment. She is a volunteer at the Denver Zoo and enjoys marveling at the wonders of creation.