132nd Annual Convention

October 3-5, 2019

The Way of Love is an intentional commitment to a set of ancient practices and commitment to follow Jesus as we: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. Three things are true about the Episcopal Church right now. First, our traditional models of ministry and practices of community are being challenged by sociological trends over which we as church have little control. Second, there is increasingly limited time and treasure within our communities available for traditional church cultures and expectations. But third, the Episcopal Church is experiencing a renaissance of research and resources right now on sustainable, fruitful, and joyful ministry to meet these challenges, chief among these the transformative resource of the Way of Love. The Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons will shared the most current research on what is working and why in faith communities across our denomination. She shared suggestions on how to use resources like the Way of Love to strengthen and deepen the joy and justice that flows from our discipleship of Christ in our communities of faith.



  • Courtesy Resolutions
  • Approved Budget for 2020
  • 2018 Financials
  • Hurricane Relief Fund: During convention we collected more that $3,500 for the Bahamas Hurricane Relief Fund. Thank you for your generous support of the tremendous work of rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Dorian and for showing solidarity with the people of the Bahamas. Funds will go to Episcopal Relief and Development and Food for the Poor, which will direct the funds toward the work of rebuilding damaged and destroyed church structures as well as other reconstruction efforts.

General Convention Deputy Election:

The following individuals were elected as delegates for General Convention in Baltimore, MD, June 30 through July 9, 2021:

Clergy Deputies:
1. Rev. Nick Myers
2. Rev. Brian Winters
3. Rev. Debbie Shew
4. Rev. Melissa Adzima

Lay Deputies:
1. Larry Hitt
2. Zoe Cole
3. Chuck Theobald
4. Erica Pomerenk

Clergy Alternate:
1. Rev. Tory Moir

Lay Alternates:
1. Br. Scott-Michael Pomerenk
2. Jim Wolfe
3. George Wing

The Episcopal Church in Colorado Appointments & Elections:

Commission on Ministry: (appointed)
1. Linda Brown
2. Carl Peterson
3. Darren Armstrong (re-appointed)
4. Michael Boney

Board of Examining Chaplains: (appointed)
1. Nadine Pope
2. Joseph Wolyniak
3. Jennifer Shadle

Diaconal Council: (appointed)
1. Jan Pearson
2. Bethany Myers
3. Bob Larson
4. Linda Brown

Standing Committee: (elected)
1. The Rev. Jeremiah Williamson, Sangre de Cristo Region, Clergy Representative
2. Jan Johnson, Northwest Region, Lay Representative, Re-elected
3. Rick Parker, High Plains Region, Lay Representative
4. The Rev. Lucas Grubbs, Southwest Region, Clergy Representative
5. The Rev. Amy Lythgoe, Front Range Region, Clergy Representative

Disciplinary Board: (elected)
1. Scott Wallace, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Durango
2. The Rev. George Berlin (re-elected)
3. The Rev. Gary Brower (re-elected)

Jay Swope