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As you consider alternative ways of using technology to meet people where they are, remember that personal connections, the connections that are made from an individual to an individual, are important. How can you create communities within your community to maintain personal relationships? How can you shift meetings, worship services, or youth events from in-person gatherings to online gatherings? Could you offer morning prayer or a daily reflection virtually rather than in-person? Learn more and view resources

As more pastoral offerings and activites are being offered online (worship services, meditations, formation offerings, and more), here are suggestions on adapting your ministry to this new reality.

  • As online gatherings increase, reduce the amount of time you would normally take to offer the meeting in person and consider how much time people can pay attention when they are “participating” by computer. This is important because more and more people are attending more and more meetings and events online.
  • Think visually when leading online meetings. Try to do something that seems familiar at least for moments in the program, for example, let the camera focus on a stained glass window or outdoor scene or room that people are used to seeing in person when possible.
  • Encourage ways that people can “participate” in a communal activity even though they are physically separated. Worship experience could include gathering a sacred object or all lighting a candle in the same moment.
  • If an online worship service is led from inside a church, try to have several people in the space so that there is variety of leadership, speaking or singing, with opportunities for all to join in parts of the service together
  • Organize the program intentionally, taking into account attention span, varying the views and activities so that there is flow but also variation.
  • Think through and help articulate the context, giving more directions of what is happening within the program, with instructions for what participants need to do. Take time to make sure that each participant actually knows how to follow and participate.
  • Good technology is important but not critical. Authenticity and caring presence are most effective. Consider investing in a quality web camera and microphone, so that visuals and sounds are crisp and clear. It’s harder to stay engaged when sound is poor or breaking up, or video is cloudy or freezing.

Adapted from the Rev. Elizabeth Denham Thompson, Eremos Consulting Group.

  • The Taizé Community has granted permission for all our parishes, missions, and communities across the Episcopal Church in Colorado to play the CDs produced by Ateliers et Presses de Taizé as part of prayer resources, free of charge, as long as the present crisis lasts.
  • OneLicense, which provides permissions to copy and project musical scores of songs and to make podcasts of services, is offering gratis licenses to churches through April 15. Learn more >
  • 3rd Sunday of Easter, Year A Word Doc | PDF
  • Morning Prayer resources are being developed. Please contact the Rev. Canon Alex Dyer at Alex@EpiscopalColorado.org for these resources if they are not posted here.

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