Caring Resources for Helping People in Need

A group of lay leaders and clergy from around the diocese gathered on Tuesday, March 17 to discuss how to adapt their methods of serving their organizations in a time of social distancing. View video | View chat

The following are some ideas for helping those in your church community and local neighborhoods:

  1. First, have you taken precautions for yourself? Just like when you are are on an airplane, if the mask pops down, put yours on first before you help the person in the next seat. Do you have your medications, spiritual life, and mental health in order?  Set boundaries for yourself.
  2. Tell people of your concerns and fears so that you do not go down the rabbit hole. It is okay to be afraid.
  3. Plan dinner parties, electronically via Zoom, Facetime, or Skype with friends or loved ones.
  4. Host a book club electronically; again via one of the means above.
  5. Give to organizations that are helping others; organizations that help the homeless, that help those who may not be making a wage right now due to social distancing, or to a local organization that is assisting the elderly.
  6. Give to organizations that provide musical offerings or social outlet.
  7. Call a friend or someone you know will be lonely today.
  8. Write a card to someone you know will be lonely today.
  9. Find out the specifics about how to provide material and financial assistance within your community.  What service organizations are still active in your community?

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