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We invite you to participate this year in the Church Development Institute (CDI) of The Episcopal Church in Colorado. This two-year congregational-development program requires participant- teams to attend four weekends each year (Friday–Saturday); the sessions are held at Cathedral Ridge, our camp and conference center near Woodland Park. Since 2006 CDI has raised up stronger church leaders and stronger congregations across Colorado. CDI training and practice in Organization Development (OD) theory have been adapted to the unique perspective of our work in The Episcopal Church.

We have found that CDI works best when congregations send a team of participants. They tackle assigned readings, take on group presentations, and then process what they learn with small-group discussion and practice. It’s the expectation that over the course of the two-year program, participants will have planned and completed three projects seen to strengthen their congregations in measurable ways. In CDI, the program has two themes. The first focuses on understanding systems and the second on organizational culture. Our 2017–2018 program cycle will be devoted to systems.

We are excited to let you know that in 2018 CDI will transition to a new program, and issue a fresh invitation, starting next fall! Here is the change: CDI has traditionally focused on OD and training for clergy and lay leaders. But the new program will be open to every type of congregational leader. Developed in close collaboration with Bishop Rob O’Neill, the new model builds and strengthens our missional culture, values, and identity. We will continue to hold sessions four times per year. It will remain a two-year program.

For more information, contact  Nancy McClung in the Office of the Bishop.

CDI Booklet

CDI Registration Form 2017-18

CDI Scholarship Fund Application

CDI Required Reading List 2017

For Participants

2017-18 Systems Cycle of CDI consists of 4 two-day training sessions.

The 2017-2018 schedule is Friday 10a.m. to Saturday 2 p.m.

The sessions are located at Cathedral Ridge in Woodland Park.

2017-18 CDI program ~ 2017-Wk1: October -27-28; 2018 – Wk2:  Jan 26-27; Wk3: Apr 13-14; Wk4: Jun 1-2


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