Sedalia parishioners volunteer to renovate 145-year-old church after funding falls through

November 16, 2017

A church in Sedalia that is older than the state of Colorado has a special place in the hearts of the few dozen people who worship there.

So much so that when grant money from the State Historical Fund didn’t arrive to help finish vital improvements to the 145-year-old St. Philip-in-the-Field Episcopal church, parishioners and community members stepped up and volunteered their time, money and expertise to get the job done.

“Our grant was actually approved, but there was no money to fund it, so we proceeded on our own,” said Janet Fullmer, who has been vicar of St. Philip-in-the-Field for three years. “But the thing that was really good about the way this worked out — even though we had to pick up the ball financially — is that it was done with an awful lot of physical, hands-on work from volunteers. It had a very old-fashioned feeling of people coming together in good spirits and lending a hand.”