Who We Are as The Episcopal Church in Colorado

//Who We Are as The Episcopal Church in Colorado

Who We Are as The Episcopal Church in Colorado

The Episcopal Church in Colorado is embarking on an exciting journey to further clarify, define, and own our message as we respond to our mission and calling. The outcome of our discovery will help shape how we communicate to our various audiences in Colorado and the World.

Together, through your feedback, we are exploring the facets of our messaging to our community of Colorado and to the world. We will also be looking at developing a logo that reflects that message and can better help us to communicate who we are as a church community to reflect that message of God’s grace and love, our testimony, and our role in reflecting God’s character.

Please consider taking a few minutes to submit your comments to the questions below. To complete the survey, please first read and reflect on the information provided. Then spend a few moments responding to the question(s). The survey should take approximately 5 minutes. Your generosity in investing time into providing your thoughts is greatly appreciated.

  • "I Wish This Church..."

    Imagine a chalkboard on an easel next to the sidewalk on your church's grounds in a heavily trafficked area where neighbors walk by every day on their way to work and back home again.

    Imagine this chalkboard invited people to write on it with chalk to answer the question:

    "I wish this church _________________."

    Vague? Yes. Intentionally so.
  • "Tell me about your church"

    Imagine you are walking home from attending church one Sunday morning. You pass by a house near the church and are greeted by the owner of the house with a friendly "good morning!" You strike up a conversation that leads to where you've just come from; church. They ask you to tell them about your church. What do you say?
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