Who We Are: The Episcopal Church in Colorado

//Who We Are: The Episcopal Church in Colorado

Who We Are: The Episcopal Church in Colorado

Telling our story through articles, a website presence, social media, and through visual elements such as photos and videos is incredibly important. The Episcopal Church in Colorado is embarking on an exciting journey to further clarify, define, and own our message as we respond to our mission and calling. The outcome of our discovery will help shape how we communicate to our various audiences in Colorado and the World. This journey will further clarify for us our message, our testimony, and our role in reflecting God’s character.

Together, through your feedback, we are exploring the facets of our messaging to our community of Colorado and to the world; and we will also be looking at developing a logo that reflects that message and can better help us to communicate who we are as a church community.

Please consider taking a few minutes to submit your comments and ideas about who we are as a community. To complete the survey, please first read and reflect on the information provided. Then spend a few moments responding to the question(s). The survey should take approximately 15 minutes. Your generosity in investing time into providing your thoughts is greatly appreciated.


  • Who We Are

    The Episcopal Church in Colorado exists to plant and to cultivate dynamic, imaginative, and transformational Christian communities across Colorado.

    We believe God loves everyone, unconditionally. We are a family of beloved children of God. We are imperfect people in a hurting and broken world. You belong and are welcome, unconditionally. We ask questions, we seek to understand our complex world together, we worship together to connect to God, and we serve and care for one another and our community.

    Most in our congregations were not born into The Episcopal Church. We came to it, drawn by the ancient beauty of its Prayer Book worship, or by its encouragement of hard questions, or its commitment to helping those in need. We are a diverse church, united in common prayer and in our commitment to "seek and serve Christ in all persons."

    The Episcopal Church draws from both the Protestant and Catholic traditions. It is part of the Anglican Communion, churches around the world in communion with the Church of England. Member churches share a common heritage and commitment to the authority of scripture, tradition, and reason.
  • What We Do: Our Mission

    The Church’s mission is our comprehensive involvement, engagement, and participation in the misseo dei—the ongoing work of divine love in the world. Mission is both contemplative and active in nature, embraces both our inner and outer life, is grounded in tradition and the witness of others, and inspires new and imaginative ways to manifest and proclaim the good news in our own day and time.

    Missional identity and missional activity, in other words, is both the practice and the consequence of immersing ourselves—heart, mind, body, and soul—in the dynamic reality of God’s love working within us and among us.
  • Values / Strategic Focus

    1. Living Missionally at a Grassroots Level—that is, continuing to expand our collective engagement with our missional identity on every level. Deepened engagement and proclamation, discipleship, servanthood;

    2. Establishing Radical Generosity as a Core Pattern of Life—specifically, considering how we can shift our mindset away from an inordinate preoccupation with institutional maintenance and preservation to one of self-offering and self-emptying, which is the mind of Christ, in the service of God’s kingdom;

    3. Engaging Substantively with the Suffering of the World—that is, bringing greater depth and substance to our witness to the gospel by moving beyond the practice of charity at arms length and living into the transformational embrace of suffering which is what true love demands; and,

    4. Committing Fully to Evangelizing with Young Adults—namely, proclaiming the good news (Love is here. It is who you are!) to a culture and a generation that is in fact searching for a transcendent vision and that does in fact long to know the love that is life.
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